Sliq Gaming Pro-Edge Thumb Grip – PlayStation5|PS4 – Black

Pro Edge Thumb Grips unique shape has been designed to ensure maximum control when playing games where accuracy is essential. The flat central area sits close to the original thumbgrip surface while the raised sides give extra purchase when making quick or sudden thumbstick movements.
Sliq Gaming Pro-Edge Thumb Grip - PlayStation5|PS4 - Black


  • For use with PlayStation 5 Dualsense & PlayStation 4 Daulshock 4 Controller.
  • Thumb shape edges suit gamers who like to roll their thumb over the thumb stick
  • Includes 2x Tall and 2x Classic height
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Fits perfectly on controller stick

pro edge thumb grips increased comfortThumb style designed for proper thumb position. Raised sides and gripping technology enhances your gaming like never before.

pro edge thumb grips reduce press forceAdditional height benefits improve reaction time and require less force to press down on the joystick reducing hand fatigue.

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Physical Specifications
Package Weight: 0.12 lbs
Package Dimensions:  1.14 × 4.49 × 5.47 in
Controller Compatibility
PS5 Dualsense
PS4 Dualshock 4
Warranty Details
1 Year with Extended 6 months on Product Registration.
What's Included
2 x Classic Height Grips
2 x Tall Height Grips
More Specifications
Color: Black


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